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Barbara Miner

Professor / Chair






Barbara Miner holds the position of tenured Professor and Chair in the Department of Art, at the University of Toledo, in Toledo, OH.  Her mixed media sculptures, installation works, and paintings, informed by the nexus of human/nature interaction, and the practice of meditative repetition, have been exhibited nationally (Maine to California) and internationally (Sweden and Poland) in 107 exhibitions.  


She has curated three events, including a lecture/workshop with the noted Photographer, Rosamond Purcell and the sculptor Dewey Blocksma.  Miner has participated in numerous national and international artists’ residencies.  She has presented at national and international conferences and contributed articles to Ceramics Monthly, Dialogue/Arts in the Midwest, and the journal published for the International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability. Miner has received both internal and external grants in support of her research and art practice, as well as numerous Awards for Excellence/Merit.


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